Free Intro Workout

30 Minutes.

Twice Per Week.

Discover Strength offers personalized strength training and body composition testing services to individuals looking to maximize their results in the least amount of time.




In just 30 minutes, two times a week, you will see great results with our approach to strength training.

Evidence Based

Our entire fitness prescription is based on peer-reviewed scientific research to ensure that you will receive the safest and most effective workout.

Expert, Educated Trainers

Our team of personal trainers all hold degrees in exercise science and the highest accreditations, giving you the ultimate resource in fitness.

Why you should be strength training?

  • Improve cardio-metabolic health. Strength training plays a critical role in preventing chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.
  • Increased bone mineral density.  Stronger bones help prevent fracture.
  • Prevent muscle atrophy, age-related wasting of muscle known as sarcopenia.   Strength training allows us to retain and increase our muscle tissue across the lifespan.
  • Higher metabolic rate. The more muscle tissue we have, the greater our metabolic rate (the number of calories we expend while we aren’t working out). 
  • Improve cognitive function, enhance self-esteem, and combat depression.
  • Enhance athletic performance.  From distance runners to golfers to football players.  Proper strength training improves performance and wards off injury.


Discover Strength offers a no-compromise strength training experience. Our time-efficient, science-based workouts are tailored to your exact needs. We are fully committed to providing a five star service experience, guaranteed.

Body Composition

Discover Strength uses the Bod Pod, the gold standard in body composition testing, to provide reliable, actionable data to improve your overall health and body composition. This is the ultimate tool for tracking your progress and getting the results you want.

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