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We assume that if a person is passionate about a topic, they will seek out more learning around that topic. Howard Shultz, the former CEO of Starbucks, wisely observes that the inverse is probably far more common. Shultz states, and I paraphrase, “As we teach a barista more about the nuances around coffee, the more passionate they became.” I agree: Learning drives passion.
 In this spirit, I want to share three new books that I think will increase your knowledge and drive your passion for:
(1) strength training (and body composition change)
(2) your high intensity interval cardio training
(3) the “process” for making changes and achieving goals.
Collectively, learning more about these three topics will drive your passion and ultimately, lead to better results (as well as conviction and confidence in the process).
  1. Killing Fat, by Ellington Darden PhD. Darden is an exercise physiologist with advanced degrees in nutrition and is the author of over 70 books. Collectively, he is one of the most popular fitness authors of all time. In his brand new book (published just a few weeks ago), he walks through the newest science around muscle building and fat loss.
  2.  The One Minute Workout, by Martin Gibala PhD. Gibala is the chair of the world-renown McMaster University Kinesiology department in Ontario, Canada and is the world’s leading researcher on interval training. This book is a simple read that walks through the science of interval training and provides a template for effective interval training for people of all fitness levels. This book has been around for just over a year and is the most up-to-date resource on interval training.
  3. Atomic Habits, by James Clear. Clear’s book, published just four months ago, makes the case that habits trump goals. The book is not about exercise specifically, but lifestyle change in general. This has been my favorite read of 2019.

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