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Inspirational Yet Realistic Bod Pod Progress

Karin joined the DS team as a personal trainer in December of 2014.  From the very beginning, she performed a Bod Pod test.  Her progress over the last 9 months is a testament to intelligent body composition improvement.

Karin’s results:
December 12th – 29.0%
May 27th – 24.8%
June 23rd – 22.4%
August 28th – 21.1%
September 26th – 18.9%

In less than 10 months, Karin has lost 11.5 pounds of weight while also ADDING 5.5 pounds of muscle (this means she has lost 17 pounds of fat!).
A few take home messages from Karin’s results:

  • She Bod Pod tests frequently thus providing accountability and positive reinforcement (small successes breed more success).
  • She strength trains with an incredibly high level of intensity (2 times per week).
  • She doesn’t try to create a caloric deficit by performing additional excessive amounts of cardio-respiratory exercise.  She is an active person, but not an exercise addict.
  • She is conscious of her caloric intake but doesn’t ban herself from eating specific foods.

In a fitness landscape wrought with fads, folklore, and self-proclaimed experts, Karin’s results speak volumes about an intelligent, evidence-based approach to losing fat and increasing lean muscle.

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