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Our Services

Science-based Workouts Designed Around You

We have a transparent approach to all of our prices and services. We don't do fees. We don't have memberships. We don't offer discounts or sales. We do want you to use everything you purchase.

We offer a variety of training options that ensure variety and excitement in your training experience. Train by yourself or with a small group
(and don't worry, we'll still treat you like an individual). We will develop the plan to help you reach your specific goals.

All of our services are appointment based.

one on one

1 on 1 Training

  • One trainer working with one client
  • Highest level of attention and service
  • 30 minute workout (we promise you won't want to stay longer)
  • $59 per session
  • $540 for a package of 10 sessions
  • $50 for Auto pay (recommended)

1 on 1 Iconic training

  • The Iconic Trainer is a fitness professional who has been with Discover Strength over 5 years and is an industry-leading practitioner. They speak at industry conferences, hold multiple certifications,  have completed advanced clinical rotations, and provide an unparalleled training experience.
  • $72 per session
  • $640 for a package of 10 session
  • $60 for Auto pay (recommended)

Small Group Training

  • Up to three individuals with one trainer thus maximizing trainer interaction, coaching, feedback, and motivation
  • You will always perform the workout designed for you
  • 45 minute session
  • $35 per session
  • $320 for a package of 10 sessions
  • $30 for Autopay (recommended)
group training

1 on 1 Cardio Workout

  • One on One interval workout
  • Experience HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and SIT (Sprint Interval Training) as well as a variety of hill, walking, and traditional interval workouts.
  • Performed on a state of the art Woodway Treadmill
  • 30 minute session
  • $32 per session
targeted training

Targeted Training Programs

In addition to our standard 1-on-1 and Small Group Training, we offer two different targeted programs throughout the year. These programs include:

  • The Body Comp Challenge
  • 6-Week HIT Challenge
  • Metabolic Training

Contact us to learn more about these unique and challenging programs.


Core Spinal Fitness

  • Prevent or eliminate back pain for the rest of your life;
  • Integrate the MedX Core Spinal Fitness System along with a well-rounded resistance exercise program 
  • This total system is provided at our Plymouth location and is available through 1-on-1 and small group settings 
  • Visit http://medxonline.com/core.php for information on this technologically advanced, scientifically proven medical/rehabilitation equipment.
spinal fitness

DS concussion-39Positive Impact

Comprehensive training program for the muscles of the neck and head designed to prevent concussions and neck injuries.

  • Designated for middle school, high school, collegiate and professional athletes.
  • 15 minute sessions. (1-2 sessions recommended per week)
  • $27 per session
  • $250 for a package for 10 sessions
  • Available at our Plymouth and Chanhassen location.
kelly b

Strength Training for Long Distance Runners

Improve your running performance by incorporating strength training into your running program. Strength Training is a foundational component of a comprehensive distance running training program. The inclusion of a properly designed strength training program is important because the benefits of strength training are not achieved through running or cross-training alone. In fact, peer reviewed scientific research supports the inclusion of strength training with the distance training program.

Corporate Seminars

Enhance your next corporate off-site or team lunch.

Discover Strength offers off-site corporate presentations to organizations of all sizes and all industries. Bring in exercise physiologist, Luke Carlson for a dynamic, 45-minute lunch presentation or invite us to your next quarterly off-site for a 45-60 minute presentation on how your team can "Sharpen the Saw" through intelligent, evidence-based exercise. Leaders of small, entrepreneurial firms and Fortune 500's alike throughout the Twin Cities have turned to Discover Strength to inspire and educate executives, sales teams, and frontline staff in the area of exercise and fitness.

Popular Topics Include:

  • Sharpen the Saw with Evidence-based Exercise
  • Myths and Realities in Exercise and Fitness
  • Time Efficient Exercise: Achieve Optimal Fitness in Minimal Time
  • Contact Hannah@discoverstrength.com to learn more and to schedule your event.
luke carlson HIT Resurgence Conf