Expert, Educated Training Staff

Our team of Personal Trainers are not simply people who enjoy fitness. Rather, they are experts who hold degrees in exercise science with focused study in exercise physiology, biomechanics, motor learning, and nutrition. Additionally, they hold certifications from organizations including the American College of Sports Medicine, the gold standard in the field of exercise science. Clients come to Discover Strength to learn from and be pushed by our team of experts.


We want to see you twice per week. Our average workout is approximately 30 to 45 minutes. You’ll be working out from the time you walk in until the time you leave. Our approach yields far better results in far less time. The scientific research is very clear: For best results, strength train less, but strength train harder.

Evidence Based

Our entire fitness prescription is based on peer-reviewed scientific research. Rather than jump on the latest fitness fad or market-driven trend, we look at the scientific evidence to determine what will work best for you. This may not be a popular approach. But we’re more concerned with helping you produce great results than we are with being popular.

The Answers To Your Questions

Our Prices

Our workouts are far less expensive than the average personal training session. We are able to deliver the workout at this affordable price because our workout is only 30 minutes (and trust us, you won’t want to stay for 31 minutes!). You are receiving a better workout, better results, in far less time. Here is how our model works and is truly designed as a win-win: You pay less for your workouts and results while our expert trainers make more money per hour then the average studio or health club (this allows our expert trainers to have long lasting careers at Discover Strength). For more on our prices head to our Services Page.

The Intensity of the Workout

“Intensity” of effort is the most important, controllable factor in the results you will see from your workouts. But let’s be clear, our focus as your personal training experts, is to make sure we are tailoring the intensity to fit you. This means we don’t use a “one size fits all” approach. Instead, we are committed to meeting you where you are at; each session and in fact, each exercise, we will tailor the intensity of the workout specifically for you. And remember, intense doesn’t mean “unsafe.” You can work at an incredibly high intensity of effort with little to no risk for injury. First, do no harm. The foundation of effective exercise is SAFE exercise.


We’ve always shopped for gyms and workouts that are convenient relevant to where we work or live. Now we shop based on the expert, educated training professional, results we will receive, and the unique methodology. The average Discover Strength client drives up to three times as far to one of our locations for each workout. When the workout is this efficient, collectively, you will still end up cutting your overall workout time commitment in half. Our mantra is, “Your time is your money, train like it.”

Understanding Training Methodology

We must link the fitness outcomes that we desire with the type of exercise that produces these benefits. If our goal is to simultaneously improve muscle strength, body composition, mitigate cardiovascular disease risk factors, improve cognitive function, increase bone mineral density, and ward of aging, then strength training is the preferred exercise prescription. Too many exercisers are choosing exercise that is fad-based or that is entertaining that unfortunately is incapable of producing the desired results. The research is clear: Resistance training is medicine.

What if you have an injury or are new to strength training?

Strength training isn’t solely for people who are a picture of health. Instead, strength training, done properly is an incredibly therapeutic form of exercise. If you have joint aches, lower back pain, or are recovering from an acute injury, don’t wait until your health is perfect to start strength training. Our expert personal trainers will tailor the strength training prescription to adapt to your current health and injury status. In fact, more often than not, an intelligent approach to strength training is foundational in restoring optimal health and function. Our expert personal trainers have advanced training, degrees, and certifications allowing them to effectively work with clients with an array of injuries, ailments, and medical conditions.

There are so many options for fitness. How do you choose?

We take an essentialist’s approach to exercise. The question to ask is, “How can I do less exercise but produce better results.” Stated otherwise, we’ve applied the Pareto principle to exercise. What is the 20% of exercise that produces 80% of the benefit? The scientific literature is overwhelmingly clear that high intensity, focused strength training, done only two times per week produces better results than performing a wide array of gym activities for hours per week. We encourage you to ask yourself, is your objective to hang out at a gym; or is your objective to improve your fitness, physique, and health?

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